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Struga Metal Gutter System can be installed on any residential building and can also be used in harsh environments including industrial and marine locations.




Basic Principles of Installation

  • The eaves should not protrude beyond half the gutter's diameter, gutters should be placed below the roof slope extension line. (See sketch)

  • Remember to keep a minimum gutter slope in the direction of the downpipe (min 3mm per metre length of gutter)

  • Once finished, remember to clean the entire Struga system of all debris especially metal filings and offcuts.  Any remaining debris may rust and damage the coat.

  • Download the Struga installation manual for full installation instructions.



Before beginning the installation, prepare the necessary tools: Hacksaw, driver, chalk line, marker, specialist roof sealer, straightedge and ensure you have all the required parts of the Struga Metal Gutter System.

Click here for the installation manual.


Installation of Struga

*Abrasion tools (e.g angle grinder) must not be used for cutting gutters and pipes. It might damage the protective coat and, as a consequence, void the warranty!


Click here to download the Struga Metal Gutter System installation manual.


Every roofer can install the Struga Metal Gutter system without any problems due to the fact that The Struga Gutter System consists of accessories that fit together like pieces of a puzzle.





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