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GreenCoat PLX BT can easily be installed by metal workers familiar with the standard practices of installing hard-metal roofs using materials such as Zinc, Copper and similar sheet materials.


Panels (trays) are easily formed with standard profiling equipment and a choice of coil size is available to give seam centres of up to 600mm.


A unique feature of the material is its relatively low expansion and contraction ratio meaning that panels of up to 30m can be installed.


Whether it is a warm roof or a cold roof the clips used to retain the panels are industry standard and no structured underlay is required, a simple separation layer is sufficient.


The malleability of the material means that it is easy to fold and to utilise long-standing traditional metal roof details.  Standard details (PDF or AutoCAD) can be found within the Resource Centre on this website.


On occasions where traditional hand-crafted detailing cannot be used GreenCoat PLX BT can be  soldered - see the Soft-Soldering datasheet within the Resource Centre on this website.


Aside from Standing Seams a variety of alternative aesthetic options are available including cassette panels, shingle tiles and sandwich panels. See Case Study area in the Resource Centre for cassette panel ideas.


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