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I am thinking of installing Zinc, can GreenCoat PLX BT be installed in the same way?

Yes, the installation process and detailing techniques are similar


Can GreenCoat PLX BT be used on a cold or warm roof build up?

Yes, GreenCoat PLX BT is suitable for either type of roof design.  Please see our Related Articles to download the appropriate brochure showing the installation procedure for either type of design


Are installation details available?

Yes, standard details are shown in the SSAB Cold and warm roof installation brochures, see our Related Articles.  Additional details or AutoCAD (.dwg) files are available on request.


Some standing seam metals require special underlays, does GreenCoat PLX BT require anything specific?

Special underlays such as the structured underlay often used with specific brands of Zinc sheet metal roofing are not required.  A simple separation layer such as a mineral wool between the GreenCoat PLX BT and underlying support will suffice. This helps the metal move freely during its natural expansion and contraction with temperature changes.


Can GreenCoat PLX BT be soldered?

Yes. Please see the datasheet on soldering GreenCoat PLX BT in Related Articles


What seam centres should I use?

Any seam center between (approximately) 300mm and 600mm is achievable. The most common is either 500mm or 600mm. Narrow centres such as 500mm are often specified on areas of higher wind loading (e.g. vertical cladding) or where a crisper look to the finished building is desired


Is the material guaranteed?

SSAB Swedish Steel offer a guarantee of up to 30 years when installed by a Newell Roofing approved installer


How can I find an installer?

Please contact Newell Roofing for a list of approved installers.


Is there a long waiting time for the material?

The material is stocked in the UK and depending on quantity can usually be delivered within 3 to 4 days


How do I purchase Prelaq Nova PLX?

Newell Roofing Products (UK) are Swedish Steel’s sole approved distributor of GreenCoat PLX BT for UK and ROI. Please contact us to discuss your project and receive a list of approved installers who will then offer an installed price for your project




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