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GreenCoat PLX BT is developed with quality and optimal environmental consideration as constant driving forces. Steel constitutes a natural part of the modern environmental and recycling society as it has always been recycled. Steel does not emit any substances that are harmful to your health or environment.

Galvanised sheet steel is 100% recyclable and can be smelted over again. In order to give a corrosion-protective coat zinc is used on our substrate of galvanised sheet. During the smelting process this zinc is found in the smoke dust that is formed. Zinc is then recycled from the collected dust.


With GreenCoat PLX BT and the right maintenance, its service life becomes very long, which is positive from a resource use perspective.

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1 Data Sheet GreenCoat PLX BT-1 Building and Environmental declaration 2 SSAB-GreenCoat-product-program-building-industry