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Good Reasons For Using Greencoat PLX BT

ADAPTABLE: If the aim is to achieve an exciting building envelope then the use of GreenCoat PLX BT, with its wide colour range and long life is an excellent choice.


INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION: Production takes place in SSAB Tunnplat under perfectly controlled industrial conditions. This ensures consistent quality and coating finish.


SEVERAL PROTECTIVE COATINGS: The sheet steel core is first given an anti-corrosion coating of zinc then a primer is applied. The primer has a two-fold function - it further improves the anti-corrosion properties and it provides a good bond for the top coat of paint that gives the sheet the final colour.


ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: When the sheet steel is melted down at the end of its useful life, the only by-products are carbon dioxide and water. Any molten steel will revert to steel and be reused in a perpetual cycle.


MODERN PRE-PAINTED STEEL SHEET:  GreenCoat PLX BT offers particularly good wear resistance, better colour fastness and an extra-long useful life due to its modern paint system that is twice as thick as ordinary thin film paint systems.


INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: Unlike other standing seam roofing materials such as Zinc, GreenCoat PLX BT can be installed in cold weather without the risk of micro fissure cracks on the seams as they are formed. Once in situ, maintenance is very simple as it is just rinse the roof with water.


A MORE DEPENDABLE ROOF: Depending on project location  GreenCoat PLX BT is covered by a guarantee of up to 30 years. Ask your installer for full details.


HIGH INSTALLATION STANDARDS: In the UK and R.O.I  GreenCoat PLX BT is distributed by Newell Roofing, a long-standing industry supplier. Newell Roofing Products supply GreenCoat PLX BT to carefully chosen and approved metal roof installers, all highly experienced or members of the FTMRC (Federation of Traditional Metal Roofers and Contractors), an industry aligned to high standards of installation and workmanship.

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